How to Become a Better Actor

If you do not know the answer below just use your best judgment but make a choice. There really is not a right or wrong but just your interpretation. By using this list below it should help you to perform and understand the acting scene much better. Casting directors stress that you need to make and be able to perform strong choices when auditing.

When practicing your audit do it for a friend or family and see if they are able to answer these questions by witnessing actual performance.
Always try to remember the audience only knows what you are thinking by your actual performance. Learn to connect with the audience by being able to let them feel and understand what you are thinking and conveying.

Make a worksheet every time you audit and fill in the following questions

What is the physical description of my character?
What is the personality like of my character?
What are my emotions?
What is the personality of the other characters in the scene?
What is our relationship?
Where is the scene taking place? Describe the setting.
What is the time of day?
What type of Film, TV series or Commercial is this?
What is my character trying to accomplish?
What are the other characters trying to accomplish?
What details or nuances that make sense I can add to the scene?
What is the pace of the scene?
Where are the key shifts in the scene?
Do I completely know and understand the scene?