How To Become A Collage Artist

The procedure will be as basic or as complicated as you would like it to be.

As a new collage artist creating a collage is not really something you need step-by-step instructions for. There can be, however, a few elementary methods you must stick to make a collage.

First, select a base for your collage. The base for your collage can be as uncomplicated as a piece of paper or a quite heavy paper, which is suggested because you will be using plenty of glue to create your collage. Here are some resources you can use as a base poster board, cardboard, canvas, empty picture frame, or any flat item. As soon as you have determined the first step you’re three steps away from being a collage artist.

Second step is to pull together those things to glue onto the bottom of your collage. You can utilize almost anything you wish to create your collage. Collage artist use the common items like magazine photos, images, or fancy paper. Go through your craft cupboards, magazine racks, or go through your junk container to get unique items you can use. Again, you’re one step away from being a collage artist.

Third step is to decide what glue to use. The glue you decide to use for your collage project depends on what stuff you are using in your collage. In most cases you might use a couple different kinds of glue in your collage. Here are some typical glues that work right for you: glue stick, zip dry glue or craft glue. One additional step and you’ll become a collage artist.

Now it’s time for you to create your collage. You have your bottom, the items you will use to make your collage, and right glue, and you can begin making your collage. You can start organizing your collage objects on the foundation before you glue it together. This will help you to plan on exactly how you would like your collage to appear. And then start sticking them down all over the bottom. You can use a pair of scissors or utility knife to cut those items you’re using into the ideal designs and sizes. You can also experiment with tearing your items. Once your collage items are all in place, set it aside and allow it to dry.

Collage artist could be anybody who would like to create a collage. Bear in mind, collage is more of trying out different mediums, colors, and images than following step-by-step directions. The more you play around with creating collages, the more ideas you’re going to get. Great job you are now a collage artist!