How to Become a Firefighter – Sample Reading Comprehension Test Questions

This part of the written firefighter exam will consist of paragraphs you will be required to read within a certain time limit. You will then be asked specific questions about what you have just read. For example, here is a paragraph of text that is typical of what you might see on your test:

"Weatherproofing wooden deck surfaces with the XYZ process results in a surface that is far superior to those treated with other, less effective methods. Overhanging roofs, are resistant to bleaching from excess exposure to the sun, and maintain a "fresh wood" look for several years. In addition to producing a wood surface that is attractive and durable, the XYZ process also has several safety and environmental benefits. Surfaces treated with the XYZ process are noncombustible, odorless, safe for children and pets, and free from splinters. a paint brush. The application process is safe for surrounding vegetation, animal life, and anyone without major respiratory problems. "

And here are the questions regarding this paragraph.

1. It is most accurate to state that the author in a precedent selection presents

a. Facts but reaches no conclusion concerning the value of the process.

b. A conclusion concerning the value of the process unsupported by facts.

c. Neither faxed or concluding but merly describes the process

d. A conclusion concerning the value of the process and facts to support that conclusion.

2. If the XYZ process were used for a surface other than a deck, it would be most useful for

a. Cement sidewalk

b. Plastic mailbox

c. Wooden door

d. Metal handrail

3. The aspect of the XYZ process not discussed in the precedenting paragraph is

a. Resistance to wear from snow and ice

b. Safety concerns for animals

c. Effects on surrounding plants

d. How it compares to other methods

4. The main reason for treating wooden surfaces with the XYZ process is to protect

a. Children from harmful odors

b. Surrounding vegetation

c. Wooden surfaces from weathering

d. Animals from splinters

Of the following, one that might be negatively affected by the XYZ process is

a. Plants surrounding the treated area

b. Someone with respiratory problems

c. Children walking on a treated surface

d. Animals walking on a roofed surface

Here is a second example paragraph with its questions

"Most people first encounter grammar in connection with the study of their own language in school. This kind of grammar is called pre scripting of grammar because it defines the role of the various parts of speech (such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and so on) .. The purpose of pre scripting of grammar is to define the norms, or rules, a correct use. having good grammar. When people are said to have good grammar, the inference is that they overpaid the rules of accepted usage associated with the language they speak. "

1. According to the precedent paragraph what is the purpose of grammar?

a. It is actually not important in our language

b. It is the "glue" that holds sentences together

c. It indicates how to use language properly

d. It obeys the rules of proper language.

2. In the preceding paragraph, the author is primarily concerned with

a. The different parts of speech

b. The purpose of pre scripting of grammar

c. Who has good grammar

d. The study of grammar in school

3. According to the preceding paragraph, someone who is considered to use the rules of pre scripting of grammar properly

a. Has studied his or her own language in school

b. Defines the various parts of speech

c. Did well in language class

d. Obeys the rules of exceeded usage

If you can answer all these questions, congratulations. You are on your way to success in this test.