How To Become A Soldier

The future is bright. Life is great, but do you want to escape the stress, or go to college? If the problem of finances leaves you worried that you will not get the education you desire, becoming a soldier is the way to go! You might be thinking that it is hard, and I will simply agree with you. Nevertheless, you will be given the opportunity to learn the necessary skills and acquire the knowledge that will last a lifetime. What is it like being a soldier? When you are a U.S. soldier, you are a part of the best fighting force known to humankind. Soldiers spend a lot of their time training, working, and protecting peoples’ freedoms. Soldiers live normal lives after work; family and friends are always there for their beloved soldiers. I will now suggest a few ways that you could become a soldier.

One of the main ways in becoming a soldier is to find a recruiter: They will be your mentors and will provide necessary tools to enlist you into the army. You can go about this in a couple of ways: asking your college receptionist to assist you in getting in contact with the recruiting office, you can even check on the internet for the phone number of the recruiting office. After this is done, you are able to change your future. It is not going to be an easy sail, but it will be worth it in the end. After you speak to a recruiter and the army recruits you,

Processes of background check begin: Checking your background, high school diploma, and medical records are all necessary to make sure you are able to start working towards becoming the soldier.

You then go to Basic Combat Training: Basic Combat Training, or BCT, is a nine-week journey through hard work and dedication. This nine-week journey will build many characteristics that you might be lacking. They include: endurance, marksmanship, confidence, as well as communication skills. These skills are always important in our society. After you go through the nine-week BCT, you will graduate; becoming the soldier, you have always dreamed about becoming. In addition, there is advance individual training. Since there are many careers in the army, you will need specific training for that career that you chose. BCT was simply the overall training, which you need in order to keep your body and mind strong. You first need choose a career that you want to go into.

You then begin training with teachers who are knowledgeable in the particular field: Some of these fields include: Infantry School, Military Intelligence School, Military Police School, Chemical School, Transportation School, and many others. When you go through these schools, and eventually receive your degree, you will truly become a soldier of the Army. This will help you travel, develop as a person, and acquire the skills which you cannot acquire anywhere else. Consider this opportunity; you make money for college, meet new people, travel all over the world, and understanding the fundamentals of becoming strong not only in the mind, but physically as well.