How To Become An Alpha Male – Be An Alpha Male With These Seven Tips

How to become an alpha male is a very common question by someone who is trying to attract a beautiful woman.

In the next paragraphs I will learn you how to become more successful with women.

Follow my seven rules and I guarantee that you will have more success with women.

Alpha male rule 1# Be relaxed.

If you have a woman around you she must see that you are a cool and relaxed person.

– Breath trough your stomach instead of your chest.

– Always look into her eyes.

– You don’t have to be afraid to fill in place in a room

– Don’t be afraid to do moves with your arms, but never cross them.

Alpha male rule 2# You don’t need your friends.

So you see a hot girl talking with her friends and you want to meet her also with your friends.

Well there is a great change that you will be rejected.

She will be scared if you do this.

And no don’t do this even if your potential date is talking with her girl friends.

Alpha male rule 3# You control the situation

A woman want that you can control the situation. Really this is not her job.

She will love you more if you show pride and confidence.

I mean national confidence, if you are trying to be a macho, well forget it.

Alpha male rule 4# Be an energetic guy

I hope you are full of life because women are attracted to guys with a lot of energy.

Ditch your negative emotions and bad moods be the smiling, enthusiastic guy.

Alpha male rule 5# Control your voice.

As soon as you are shouting a woman will immediately stop the conversation with you.

Make sure that your voice has a calm, relaxing and soothing effect.

Don’t speak to fast also, speaking to fast is a sign of nervousness.

Alpha male rule 6# I need you –> Slow down

Personally I had this problem also a few year ago.

When someone called my name to grab my attention I moved my head very fast.

Don’t do this otherwise the other person will think that you are an nervous person

who can’t control the situation. Remember, you have to be relaxed.

Alpha male rule 7# Help others.

Perhaps you don’t expect it but the alpha male is a helpful person to every person.

If somebody needs helps a beta male will run immediately to the person.

Again get control over your own body. Move slowly and take deliberate actions with every step.

I guarantee you if you implement these techniques you are miles away from your competitors.

Simply because most of them belong to the beta male category.

Learning how to become an alpha male is not difficult at all you just have to take action.