How To Begin Achieving Goals and Dreams

Why is achieving goals and dreams often so difficult? You simply cannot have a belief in what you do not want, along with a belief in what you do want. These two systems of belief and for achieving goals cannot coexist.

It is really this simple: If you continually search after what you do not truly want, you will always get more of it.

Now please bear with me here.

If you will consciously bring out what you do not want and face it up against achieving goals and what you do want, your undesirables will instantly turn into nothingness. Anything that you truly do not want is not God’s Will, and certainly not your true goals and dreams.

When your mind believes in total darkness, light cannot enter. Consider: When you close the blinds and shut the door to your home, the light will not enter until someone opens the door.

Just sitting there in the dark and waiting will not let the light come shining through.

This is what you are doing when you remain in an undesirable situation. Truth does not struggle with ignorance, and love will not attack fear. You cannot defend yourself from fear. You can try, but all you will succeed at will be gaining more fear, grief and loss and not living to your true potential.

Miracles tell us that, God does not know of defense; therefore truth does not need to be defended.

Defense is not of your own making, and the Holy Spirit-your internal Healer and Guide, will use your defenses on behalf of truth and achieving goals and dreams only because you made them. Yes, your true goals and dreams are His, too!

But with this method your defenses will see instantly that there is nothing to defend. Based on His purpose for you, which is your goals and dreams, He merely changes them into a call toward knowledge, which you will find not to be fearful at all.

Back in high school, when I anxiously and fearfully wanted to ask a lovely redheaded girl to the senior prom, I came up with all kinds of reasons why she would probably say no. But once I approached her and she said that she would love to go to the dance with me, I immediately found that the fear was gone.

When you ask the Holy Spirit to the dance, so to speak, He will always say yes.

As knowledge shows us there is nothing to fear in achieving goals, our knowledge increases at the same time our defenses dissipate.

Therefore, ask the Holy Spirit, using your own words, to open the door and lift the blinds for the light to shine through so that you may achieve your goals and dreams.

For Miracles in your life, Share with Him your fears, by bringing all hidden secrets to the table about your goals and dreams.

You must join and look at your fears along with Him. He will bring these fears and secrets to face the real and true you. Within an instant they will be undone and you will begin achieving goals.

Joining with Him in seeing is the way in which you learn to share with Him all of your interpretations that will lead you to knowledge.

You cannot shift over to knowledge on your own. Sharing your true perceptions with Him, Whom God has given you, teaches you how to recognize what you see. And this is where you begin experiencing Everyday Miracles in your life!

Seeing with the Holy Spirit is not to be considered double vision, but merely the gentle fusing together of everything into one meaning, one emotion, and one purpose, and achieving goals that are of the truth in you.

Your Creator has one purpose, which He shares with you.

This single vision that the Holy Spirit offers you will bring this oneness to your mind with clarity, and into your life for the world to accept.

To your goals and dreams