How to Boil Peanuts

Does the question how to boil peanuts often trouble you? Boiled peanuts are an excellent snack, and very healthy at that too! Boiling is a simple procedure, but the exact way of boiling peanuts has to be mastered. You can boil peanuts in two possible ways. You can either boil them on the top of the stove or use the crock pot. The first method is little faster however the second method takes lots of time and efforts. Ingredients you would need to boil peanuts include 4 to 5 tablespoons of salt, 1 lbs of raw or green shelled peanuts and sufficient water. Besides that you would also need a large pot, a sealable container and a three quarter crock pan.

First we start with the 2nd method that is by using crock pan. Initially place the raw shelled peanuts in a large crock pot. Later pour sufficient amount of water in the crock pot. Actually you have to constantly fill the pot with water because peanuts absorb lost of water. Soak the peanuts in the pot for 8 hours and the drain it. Next, pick the shells of these peanuts and place then in the pot. Fill water in the pot and add salt to it. You can add salt according to your preference, if you need salty then add more salt. Cook it on a very low heat for 8 hours. Later you can increase the heat and cook for another 90 minutes. Later drain the peanuts and let them cool for about 10 minutes before your serve.

Now, we will try the 1st method which is boiling peanuts on the top of the stove. Initially, put the green shelled peanuts in a large pot and fill it with water till the pot is full. You have to constantly our water since these peanuts absorb lots of water. You can also add salt to the pot depending on your taste and stir a bit. Later, cook it on high heat till the water starts boiling however cover the pot. Once the water starts boiling reduce the heat a bit and add some more water if needed. Continue boiling the peanuts for about 4 hours. Remove the pot from the stove and cool it for some time. Once the water is entirely cooled remove the peanuts from the water.

In spite of knowing how to boil peanuts, to store them is also a useful method. If peanuts are frozen, they can last for a longer period. To freeze these boiled peanuts you have to place them in a fully sealed container. However ensure that this container does not any air inside. Frozen peanuts usually do not get spoilt and can be consumed whenever you desire. These boiled peanuts can even be stored or kept in the refrigerator. For this you have to place the peanuts in an air tight or sealed container. Whichever type of method you like to choose to boil the peanuts you are for sure to enjoy best results because boiled peanuts are delicious snacks which can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.