How to Bottle Wild Meat

Separate the raw meat into pieces for cooking. Cut away unwanted pieces. Make sure the meat is clean. Wild meat is very low in fat so do not try to cut away what little fat there is, as this will be needed for cooking. The low fat will cause the meat to not shrink as much during cooking.

Season the meat as to your desire, however with game less seasoning is better.To much seasoning may kill the taste of wild meat. Double check for hunting remnants such as shrapnel, blood shot meat, hair and dirt etc. etc. Make sure your meat is clean.

Cook the meat with whichever recipe you prefer. Wild meat will dry out faster than domesticated meats because of the decreased amount of fat. Monitor the cooking closely.

Here is a great way to bottle moose meat, caribou, rabbit or Partridge.

Mason Jars 500 ml. Cut meat in small pieces around bit size preferably a little larger. Use stew meat or a tender part of meat.

Use salt pork and onion. Cut pork in small pieces (Bite Size) Chop Onion in small pieces.

Place a piece of salt pork on the bottom of Mason jar with a little onion Add meat When Mason Jar is half full add another small piece of onion and pork fat. Amount of onion and pork fat depends on one’s taste.

Fill Mason Jar. Leave room for a little more onion and pork fat on top.Add water to cover meat. If you wish you can add a little pepper

Preheat oven for 15 minutes at 300. Place meat on a tray in oven and cook at 275

Check every hr or so and make sure meat has enough water. Just up over the top of meat

Allow 3 hrs for meat to cook well but watch carefully do not overcook. Watch closely depending on the game and the stove meat may cook faster.

No checking over a pot of meat on the stove. It is a great way to cook and bottle wild meat. Cook until tender or to your taste’

When meat is almost done, take the tops and boil in a pot to make sure the rubber seals are soft so they can seal well. When done take out bottles on tray. Make sure the top of bottles are clean. For a good seal wipe dry. Place covers hand tight. Wait a few minutes until you hear a pop. That means the covers have made a good seal. Let cool. Make sure you have a good seal and the covers are tight.