How to Breastfeed Any Time

Babies need their daily dose of milk. Their daily dose of milk does so much for their bodies and it is essential for babies not to miss any of it. In the early and initial stages of a baby’s life the breast milk is the most important thing to them. Nursing a baby is no easy task but breast feeding has so many benefits and advantages. For instance breast milk helps them grow, it keeps them healthy, they need it to stay fit, and breast milk protects them for germs and disease. Breast milk has all the relevant and necessary ingredients that are needed by small young babies. Scientists also claim that a baby tends to be more intelligent and smart if he or she is breast feed longer. So breast feeding is highly recommended and they longer it is done the better.

When it comes to breast feeding I would recommend using a breast pump to ensure that your new born baby gets enough of that precious milk. By using a breast pump you and the baby will not have to worry about the breast feeding. The pump is the most convenient and easy way to ensure that they baby gets enough milk on a daily basis. I know one can buy milk supplements but they are not as effective as breast milk and doctors recommending breast feeding if you can. The milk supplements are not as good as breast milk and at times babies tend to react and reject them. So if you are a working mother breast pumps are great when you need to breastfeed your baby and child.

There are numerous benefits to breastfeeding and a breast pump sure does come in handy when you are not able to breast feed your baby but want and need to. Let’s suppose you have to go away on a business trip and the baby needs to breastfeed. What will you do? That is when the breast pump comes in hand. The baby should breast feed at least for about 3 hours. This is essential for the wellbeing, development and growth of the child. At least 3 hours is the minimum time you should spending feeding the child The child should be breastfed as often as possible and this very important.

Also it is important alternate the breast when feeding the child and this simply means that the child should be feed the other breast at certain alternative intervals. The breast area should be kept clean and germ free for the baby’s sake and of course the nursing mother. Always encourage the baby to “breastfeed” as often as possible and when it is most convenient. As nursing mothers there are different times when your breast milk as at different levels and it is best for the baby to nurse when your milk is at it s highest level and peak. Monitor this and know these times. If in any instance you suspect you have an infection or the nipple is swelling or infected it is best to discontinue breast feeding and seek medical advice immediately.