How to Bridge Communication Gap in a Relationship

Relationship is a two way road either being on the right path or at the wrong side, both parties are expected to ensure that everything works out fine and the communication gap is kept minimal in spite of any rancour or trouble. No matter how closer you are to your spouse or for how long the relationship has been in existence, there are bounds to be a problem and misunderstanding between two people in a relationship. What matter most is not the course of the relationship or who caused it, the most important thing is how fast the couple were able to put the problems behind them and remain focus.

Each party is expected to take the blame and not trade the blame so as to bury the hatchet and keeps the relationship flowing. A promising relationship is expected to be a life time game while a marriage is expected to be a journey of no return where both parties commit their wealth and time to ensure the outright success of the relationship and make it a promising and alter bounds one.

Factors for a lasting relationship

The following factors must be taking into consideration in order to build a lasting, loving and lustful relationship devoid of insincerity, rancour and any other problems.

Building trust and honesty: Many relationships are breaking up in America, England and other developed countries due to lack of trust most especially amongst the so called role models such as footballers, movies stars and other popular celebrities which is fast becoming a global embarrassment. The basic cause of this is infidelity spreading like a wild fire across every home. In order to build trust and honesty, both parties must demonstrate high sense of responsibility, maturity towards each other. Your intentions, actions should be clearly stated and you should be able to answer your spouse phone calls, read his/her text messages without any restrictions. Doing all these will boost the trust and bridge communication gaps.

Reduce external influence: Thousands of relationship have broken up as a result of influence from friends and families, news from dailies and magazines. To have a sustainable relationship, both parties should feel free to share their minds and shun information from friends or news from news paper. In case there is any issue on ground your spouse should be the first contact and not your friend, this will enable both partners to settle their rift within short period of time.

Be a good listener and good talker: You should be able to listen carefully before making judgement and never be a judge in your own case. Also learn to control your emotions whenever you are hurt and never talk with passion each time you have to talk. Ability to control your emotion and keep quite when you are angry will save your relationship from going down the lane. You can say sorry as many times as possible if that will be appealing and soothing to your spouse hearing and learn to forget past issues. Stop bringing up dead issues again once it has been earlier resolved.

Do pleasurable things with your spouse: Take your time to do some crazy things with your spouse; take her out for shopping, cook together, share some meals, help mowing the lawn to doing dishes, buy romantic gifts, crack jokes, watch movies even take bath in a tub together to boost the bond between two of you.

In addition to the aforementioned, learn to respect your spouse, show your feelings as human being, stop nagging at him/her, bury your ego and learn to share things together always. By adhering strictly to the above factors, you are likely to make out the perfect out of your relationship and it will be as if you are dating all over again as a new found lovers.

Relationship is about communication and vice versa, learn to communicate with your spouse to save your relationship and stop bedroom boredom now! Fix your relationship problem as painless as possible with this article.