How to Build a Boat – Small Wooden Sail Boat

To build a wooden boat you will need wooden planks. Now, the dimensions of the planks will depend on what wood you are using. If you are using cypress wood then there will be eight different dimensions according to which you will have to shape the planks.

All of these eight kinds of planks will be required for building the boat. However, if you are building the boat out of oak then there will be about six different types of plank requirements. If, Georgia pine then three types while if it is white pine then it will be just one dimension and five planks of this same dimension.

Now, when you are building a sail boat then obviously you will build one with a flat bottom. Ask yourself how to make a boat and then you know that the most important thing to keep in mind during this type of boat building is the stem. No matter what you build your boat out of, the stem will have to be of good white oak. Then you will need the sideboards, two in number. Saw them properly and then plane them.

Now make the mold which can be made of old material also. Leave some space for the stringers and make the stern board next. After this is ready, nail up the sideboards to the stem with a hammer making sure that you nail then in a double row. Now you can set in the molds. While doing this keep in mind that the molds should be perpendicular to the boats center. Fasten all the molds and the transom and then use the galvanized nails that are used for permanent nailing of a boat.

Now it is time to put on the bottom. Do this by turning the boat upside down and then nail the floor with the sideboard along with the stringer. Make sure that there is no caulking; for this you need to make the joint between the boats as tight as you can. Now, turn it over on its bottom and get the seats placement. The seats should strictly be made of cypress as then they will be pretty comfortable. Then what you have to do is cut slots, two, out from the centerboard. After this you should fast two posts at these points.

Now you have to nail in the keel and the floor firmly so that no mishap occurs. Now place the beams of the deck, curving them as you do. Now when everything is done you should get the cockpit ready si that the combing can take place. After you do this, get ready for the canvas deck. Paint with thick paint, white in color. More or less after this, your boat structure is built. You will only have to place the oars and additional material to turn into a complete boat. This is there before the basic of how to make a boat, one which is a wooden sail boat.

Finally you must remember that decent boat design software helps you build the boat of your dreams. Probably the best idea is to get some sort of 3D boat design software that is affordable, easy and flexible to use and is suitable for anyone from the hobbyist model boat builder to professional mass ship producers.