How to Build a Brick Wall

There is something about constructing walls that gives individuals a sense of fulfillment. This is the reason why that even though you can appoint a bricklayer to do the job for you; you feel that you want to try to build your brick wall yourself. Whether you plan to pursue a professional bricklaying career or just want to enjoy it as a pastime, constructing a brick wall needs careful study of the basics of brick wall construction.


You need to gather all the materials that you need to build your wall like a mortar mix, jointer, level, hammer, H2O, brush, wall ties, tape measure, nails bricks, trowel, shovel, line and wheel barrow. You also need to wear safety equipment at all times so that you will be protected from any untoward accident.

The trowel, which is a triangular metal shaped material is the main tool that you need to make your wall. You will need a trowel to evenly spread the mortar mixture as you assemble the bricks to make a wall.


A mortar mix is ​​mud-like concoction wherein the bricks are place in. To create a mortar mixture, you need combine fifteen to twenty scoops of sand and 1 seventy-pound container of mortar mixture. You will also need five gallons of H2O but it is advisable to combine the dry ingredients first before pouring water.

Place 1 gallon of H2O at a time until you achieve the consistency that you are aiming for. Bricks come in different sizes but for your first brick wall project, use the normal size bricks.Bricks are meant to be built as a veneer, which means that it should be constructed against another wall like in a house. You have to make sure that your foundation is strong enough to support the bricks. You also need to decide on the length of the brick wall that you are planning to construct.

Since the standard size of a brick is eight and a half inches long, place eight and three fourths intervals in the wall to give enough space for mortar mixture that will be spread in the joint of the bricks.

After you have placed the markings, you can now finish placing the 1st line of bricks. To accomplish this, you have to begin from left to right. Your left hand can pick up a brick from the stack and then your right hand can spread the mortar with the help of the trowel. Place an appropriate portion of mortar mix and set the brick in the mixture. Remove any residue after the brick is set in.

Repeat the whole process and continue placing down the brick until you achieve the height that you want. Remember to constantly check if the wall that you are making is level. If one portion appears disproportionate, place the bricks closer to the other side.

This simple brick wall building guide is helpful in your project but to learn more about the whole process, you can buy a DVD guide regarding the whole thing or enroll in courses that will teach you how to correctly construct a brick wall.