How to Build a Cat Window Box Cat Enclosure – DIY

Building your own cat window box can be a simple do it yourself project and bring great reward to your indoor cat. Many people residing in an apartment building or with little outdoor space can build a cat window box cat enclosure to allow their cats to bask in the sun and get some fresh air.

Since all windows are of different dimensions this article will outline the basic steps to build a cat window box, allowing you to adapt the design to your window measurements.

The easiest type of window to work with is a sash window. These are older style windows which slide up. However if you have a different window type do not despair, you can still build a cat window box, although you may need to get a little more creative.

It is a good idea to put the cat in another room while you are doing this particularly if they are bold and likely to find and open window just too tempting.

Grab a tape measure, pencil and paper, and prepare your cutting list. Once the room is secure open the window. Use the tape measure to accurately measure the width of the opening and consider the height you intend to make the box. Will be tall enough for your cat to stand in? Will it allow you to clean it out from time to time?

Consider how far you want the box to protrude from the interior wall of the house. You will need two pieces of plywood, one for the cat cage floor and one for the window frame. You will need to reduce the window frame width dimensions to allow the finished box to slip in and out of the window frame without damaging it.

Most large DIY stores or timber merchants can cut ply to size for you. It is worth having this done for you as the result is likely to be more precise than attempting to cut it with a hand saw at home.

You will also need to buy timber for the rails the window box will sit on outside your window and fastenings and screws to secure the whole structure in place.

Next you will enclose the structure with mesh and secure it to your window frame for extra durability. This way you can avoid using ugly brackets.

Cut the mesh to size using the appropriate tool; scissors for nylon and or shears for wire. Staple the mesh to the frame using about one staple every inch. Check the entire assembly for any sharp bits such as nails slivers or mesh.

Open the window and insert your cat window box into the opening. It should stay in place without any additional fastening. If you have sash windows closing the window down on top of the box will hold it fast but you need to screw the interior to the window from in some cases.

Allow your cat a couple of days to get used to their new cat window box. I have never seen a cat that does not eventually love their new outdoor cat enclosure.