How to Build a Porch

Building a porch is not as complicated as lot of individuals might believe. The most challenging of the tasks that you need to do in the project is to acquire all the materials that you will need. The comfort that you will gain from the whole set-up will be worth the trouble.


The materials that you needed for the set-up are pressure-treated four by four wood post stock, board for the deck, cement, H20, sand, footing clamps, nails, base tubes and screws.


The tools that you needed for this project are saw, drill, measuring tape, chalk line, wheelbarrow, hammer, gloves, wooden stakes, pen and paper and shovel.


Examine your yard where you want to construct your porch. Begin by installing the wooden stakes at the four corners and at the area for the stairs. If you are connecting it to an existing structure, you may need to acquire construction permits from your local municipality. But if it is a structure that has a standard or sliding entry, you need to use a ledger board to serve as a reference in your area.

Begin by looking for a main point at least three inches under the entrance-add an inch to the upper part of the ledger board. This is usually a two by ten board that needs to be installed into the sill of the set-up. Use a footing to keep it firmly connected to the ground. Dig four inches holes for the footings.

Create a mixture using one part sand and three parts cement and then add H2O so that the end product is firm. Place the cement mixture into the base tube that has been place in hole to reach three inches under the surface.

Install the anchors into the footing. Once you have installed the foundations and the ledger board, begin installing the joists and the deck boards. If the whole project is big, you can do it by portion. Carefully place the boards and install the joists at sixteen inches from the middle.

If you can build the deck in portions, install the joists into position and secure them with nails into ground. You do not have to wait to install all of the joists before placing the railroads. But before installing it, you need to ask your local building inspector as building codes different from place to place.

You can also use pre-constructed railroads that you can buy from home improvement stores. Secure the railroads to the deck by using nails and place the support posts. You can now just sit back and relax and enjoy your masterpiece.