How to Build a Rabbit Hutch

Having a rabbit inside your residence means that you have to construct a secure and comfortable home for it. Building a rabbit hutch will answer that problem. It is a very simple endeavor that you will love doing and your pet will love living in it.


The materials that you needed for this project are wire sheets, wire cloth, eight metals rods, hinges, formica sheet, two by four stock, staples and solder.


The tools needed are screw driver, wire snips, gloves, coping saw, staple gun and soldering iron.


The usual size for a hutch should be 4 times the size of your pet. You can use different materials but do not forget that there are some smells that permeates from any pet. It is advisable to use metal instead of wood as the latter retains smell. But a wooden enclosure presents a more interesting aesthetic in an open area while a metal enclosure may be a favorable choice in a confined area.

A wire mesh is a terrific option for the roof and walls of the enclosure but do not utilize for the floor as it will be dangerous for the paws of your pet. A wire cloth is a better option than a wire mesh as it will also allow your pet’s urine to filter out of the set-up. Use snips to carefully cut the flooring to the required size.

You can a wire mesh for the walls whether you use a metal or wood rod frame. But you should remember to use a soldering iron if you chose a metal frame and staple gun if you chose a wood frame for your pet’s protection. Carefully lay down the frames that you have picked to use. Divide the frames to the size needed. For a metal frame, solder the side walls and then connect the front and back rods.

Determine the entrance location from same board or rod and place a rod on both sides of the entrance location. Build a door frame to match the entrance size. Screw the door hinges and door latch to the entrance and frame. For a frame made out of metal, place the mesh onto the hutch frame that you have made. Fix any bumps that you will see.

Secure the pair of corner points with a soldering iron. Normally, you will just need 2 pairs of wire wall: the entrance, roof and the wall of the floor. For additional floor protection, cut two by four stock to serve as the enclosure’s feet. Secure it with staples.

Rabbits frequently urinate, so cut a portion of Formica to the size needed and insert it under the enclosure. You now have a place where your pet will enjoy living in for a long time.