How to Build a Raft

Who can forget Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn's raft? Is not it amazing that two young kids know how to build a raft? Is building a raft really easy that even children like Tom and Huck can do it?

Here are the instructions on how to build a simple raft:

1. Collect all the materials needed in building a raft.

Gather seven to eight logs. As much as possible the logs should be of the same size in length and thickness. The more they look alike the better the output of the raft would be. The base logs should at least be 12 feet in length and with diameter of 12 inches. Two or three support logs would be necessary for support in the locking system of the raft. The supporting logs should be at least seven to eight feet long and have a diameter of at least four to six inches.

A rope is also needed in order to tie the logs together.

2. Bring all materials near the shore before construction.

Create an outline on how to build the raft and arrange all the materials near the shore. Begin by cutting out the dove-tail notch on each end of the base logs. The notches at the bottom should be wider than the notches at the top. The depth of the notches should at least be two inches and the width should be at least four to six inches at the bottom. Make sure that the notches would suit the dimensions of the support log.

Afterwards, cut and shape the support logs with three sides that would match the notches. Carefully measure the cutting and be precise.

3. Find a place where it is easy to launch the raft.

For raft launching, place the constructed raft in a location where it would be easy to push the raft to the water. Once that matter is figured out, bringing the logs together (side to side). Arrange in a straight line the notches. After this, lock the notches with the support logs.

Then, tie down the supports of the raft. Glue can be used to add strength to the raft. A niche could be added to act as a controlling wheel and this can be placed on the raft's rear end.

To create a dry footing for the raft's floor, add some bush. Also, hooks can be added on the raft's surface to tie down possible luggage during long trips. After these finishing touches, building a raft is already done.

In building a raft, the cost is not an issue. Logs can be found lying about in one's area. Rope and other materials are sometimes available in the house and can be bought at reasonable price. That's why Huck and Tom were able to sail with a raft. All they have is the skill on how to build a raft and the materials they got for free.