How to Build a Room Divider

There are lots of reasons why you may want to learn how to build a room divider. A divider is great in homes that are large and small. They are also great in any room in a house or even on your patio or in your garden.

Things You Will Need To Build A Room Divider

In order to build a room divider you will need:

• 2 4×8 sheets of MDF
• Hinges with screws
• Drill
• Measuring tape
• Pencil

Take Measurements

You will need to know the height and length of the room divider that you want to make. With these measurements in mind, it is time to purchase the MDF from your local lumberyard.

Find The Ceiling Joists

Use a stud finder to locate the ceiling joists. Mark both ends of it at the centerline before snapping a chalk line along the center of it.

Find The Center Line

Use a plumb bob to find the vertical centerline from the ceiling to the floor. Mark this by snapping a chalk line.

Check Your Wood

Make sure that all of your 2×4's are cut at 90 degree angles. If not, use your circular saw to fix them.

Hang The Board From The Ceiling

Center your 2×4 along the chalk line on the ceiling. Hold the board in place. Starting 1 inch from the wall, drive 3-inch wood screws into the board at 8-inch intervals.

Make Another Wall

You will need to do the same thing in order to build the other side of your divisor. Then place your hinges on the first board. Make sure that they are exactly where you want them before drilling the holes to screw them into place.