How To Build A Shed Foundation

Before starting your shed foundation, check your local building code to make sure you will have no regulation issues. Check with your local zoning to make sure if there are any distance requirements from the property line, your house, etc ..

Now that you are aware of any regulations, you can determine the location.

When choosing a location pay careful attention to the drainage. Try choosing a location where water will not pool. Sloping the ground will direct water so it will not pool near your shed foundation.

If you will be using a skid foundation, adding crushed gravel about three to four inches thick, and about a foot wider than the shed will also help protect your shed foundation from water and moister.

Unlike a skid foundation, a concrete slab foundation will be permanent, once it is poured it can not be moved.Building a concrete slab foundation starts with leveling the site. Then you will build your forms and position a layer of welded wire mesh to provide reinforcement and help prevent cracking. Next the concrete is cast over it.

If you do not feel comfortable making your own concrete slab foundation, consider hiring a professional.

Although you can build a shed on a concrete slab, the majority of storage sheds are built on skid foundations.

When choosing lumber to build your skid foundation, choose pressure treated lumber to prevent decay. Prepare the area by removing four to six inches of soil about twelve inches wider than the shed, and fill with gravel.

Building the foundation for your shed is not that difficult, but you should take into consideration weather or not you have the skills. Will you have the time, and the tools.

One of the great advantages of doing it yourself is the money you will be saving. By making a shopping list of all the material, you can get a good estimate for the price of this project. You can then compare your estimate to having it done. About half the cost of any project is the labor, by doing it yourself you can even go for a larger shed with the same budget.