How to Build a Solar Panel Step-by-Step

A solar panel is useful especially when there is a shortage in electricity. However, these are very expensive that is why many people want to build their own solar panels. Building a solar panel is a very easy task. First, gather the tools and components that will be used. If possible, gather information in book or in the Internet. If its parts are not available you can search it in Google or eBay.

In purchasing a solar panel, you can use a voltmeter for testing to make sure that it will work properly. Also, for a solar panel to produce 100 watts of electric power, 80 cells can make it. If for instance you wanted to have an 18 volt battery, you will need 36 solar cells each .5 volts.

For areas that do not get much sunlight, you will need to determine the amount of energy that each cell will be produced. You can then cut the dimension of the plywood that is enough for the solar cells to fit. After you cut, apply the UV-ray protective varnish.

For the solar cells, use a Rosin flux pen in applying flux to the bus strips on the solar cells. This is important so that your wiring is connected properly and the ribbons will exist completely. You can then connect the solar cells to each other.

After connecting the solar cells, fix them respectively to the plywood panel. You can use silicon when fixing. Then, have two unattached wires that hang from the connected solar panel, drill two holes so that your wires will be exposed through it. Seal the gaps around the holes with the silicon.

Make a frame for the panel then drill screw holes. Cover it with Plexiglas and adhere firmly to the plywood adding more silicon and putting screws in the frame. Male sure that it's waterproof and allow no gaps. Seal the holes, no matter how small with silicon to avoid moisture to penetrate inside. The last thing that you are going to do is drill a small hole to the bottom of the panel but away from the wiring to allow air and keep the moisture from building up inside. This also allows rain to keep collecting inside.