How to Build a Solar Power System

A solar power system has the potential of supplying power to all your household appliances. Building a solar power system is not at all a herculean task, you can build it by installing the basic requirements. These requirements are easily available in any hardware and electrical stores.

The basic requirements in building solar power system are:

1. A sheet of plywood

2. Wire cutters

3. Soldering station or soldering iron

4. Sheets of glass

5. Copper wires

6. Screwdriver

7. Plastic sheet cutter

8. Cutoff or hacksaw saw

9. Pliers

The 6 basic steps that go in building solar power system are:

1. First of all, you have to organize the solar cells in rows on the plywood sheet. While doing this see to it that the reverse of the cells lies on the plywood and doesn’t face outside. Arrange the cells in series.

2. Then, drill holes in the plywood sheet so that you can take the wires connected to the cells on the back.

3. Interconnect and seal the wires by positioning a backing board on the back of the plywood.

4. Now, place a sheet of glass over the top of the solar cells

5. After completing this step, just like framing a photograph, frame this assembly with a wooden framing piece.

6. Once that is done, seal the edges of the assembly and your system is ready.

You can make your solar panel system more durable. However, for this, you will require more sophisticated supplies such as one 12 volt marine deep cycle battery, mechanical Lugs, a power inverter, 1 battery charger and other tools such as Cable cutters, Red electrical tape and screwdriver drill.

A solar power system can yield you substantial benefits. You can save more than 60% of the actual cost for a solar panel system by making it yourself.