How To Build A Tiki Bar In 24 Hours

So you want to know how to build a tiki bar? Well building a tiki bar actually is not that hard if you follow some simple guidelines. In this Article I give you the basics to building your tiki bar within 24 hours. Here are the basics:

You want to build a tiki bar within 24 hours?

This really is not a hard task to achieve, you can go to your local home depot to get everything you need pretty much. You need to realize it’s very possible to build a professional Tiki Bar in only 24 hours. Want more advice on how to build a tiki bar? Well here are some basic supplies you need to build your tiki bar:

-You need a sturdy table for the bar; you can use any table or even make your own. Use your imagination here and remember you can cover the surface with a laminate, plywood or straw.

-Lots of straw, if you do not live near the coast this could be a little harder to find locally. You can check out local plant nurseries or even stores like Wal-Mart depending on the season. Another place to look is pool stores.

-The roof of the tiki hut can be made from large leaves or palm fronds if you can find them, and you can attach them to plywood. I advise you put together your tiki bar roof on the ground then attach it to the rest of the bar.

-Bamboo of course is something you need, whats a tiki bar without bamboo? You can find bamboo at most local plant nurseries.

-Be creative with your tiki bar design, be sure to use sand and sea shells if you’re going for the tropical look (almost all tiki bars have a tropical look.)

These are just some basic guidelines on how to build a tiki bar in 24 hours. I have a lot more information on my blog on building a tiki bar; you can check my bio box for the link. I hope this guide has helped you some, good luck!