How to Build an Awning

Constructing your very own awning will help you save some money. But you should be familiar with the whole process so that you will not waste important resources. You can also consult individuals who are knowledgeable about this project to ensure its success.


The materials needed are eight to ten inches tarp, 3 "/ 16" a nylon rope (the length of the nylon rope should be fifty inches), a pair of big washers, steel rod (eight inches diction ¼ inches), a pair of extendable tent poles and a pair of rubber tipped small clamps. A rubber clamp will help you ensure that the paint of the set-up will not be damaged. You can also use a three inches clamp.

Some individuals do not like using eight inches steel rods. But a smaller one will allow the tarp to cover the end of the rod. It also keeps the paint from being unnecessarily damaged.


Remember to remove the grommets off the end of the eight inches tarp. The grommet-free ends should be carefully folded and then closed. Leave a small space between both ends. The total width of the space should permit a ¼ 'rod to go in easily. Divide the rope into two parts. Place washers to each portion of the rope. Tie each side of the rope with slipknots which will allow you to utilize it as stakes. Remove any uneven edges in the washer to protect the rope of any damage.


You can also place an awning on your car or coaster which will be useful when you take a vacation. Place a ¼ "rod in the tube that can be found inside the tarp. Remember to place an eight inches space on the door space that slides.
It needs five minutes and two people to install the pair of poles and ropes and 2 pairs of stakes for the tent on the vehicle. You can now use the whole set-up to enjoy your vacation.


It is vital that you know how to correctly store the awning, like in the vehicle while you are traveling. It should be place inside a container under the seat. Poles can be simply scaled down to fit into compartments. The ¼ "rod should place in the tarp's space or in the gutter. But you should make sure that it is properly in place if you will leave in the space in the tarp.