How To Build Bigger Muscles And Burn Fat At The Same Time

Most people want to know how to build bigger muscles, while burning a large amount of fat at the same time. In fact, some say you can definitely do both at the same time where others deny otherwise.

This has been debated for quite some time now. Well, the answer to this question is yes and no and depends.

You see, you can build bigger muscles and burn fat at the same time. However, if you are using a fat loss exercise workout routine and also at the same time going through a fat loss diet, you will not be able to build a lot of muscles.

You will also burn more fats during your routines if your body possesses more muscles. Well, it is a common impression that more muscles will cause a person to look big and bulky, but this is not always the case.

Bodybuilders are known to have a small amount of body fat while having a huge amount of muscles.

The reason why body builders are able to burn fat and muscles because they do it in phases. It is called periodization in the muscle building world.

When body builders build muscles, their diet differs drastically from their exercise routines compared to when they are in the phase of losing fats. These body builders will build mass muscles for several months by segmenting different body part workout routines, as well as lifting heavy weight with low repetitions.

It is only that they will change their diet completely from one building muscle to one which is trying to lose fat.

If you have the time, energy and dedication, you may work toward that time of routine, hence, eventually becoming a body builder yourself.

But if you just a novice exerciser who just wants to burn fat and build muscles which are just nice, you can choose a routine and diet which you can burn fat and at the same time, burn a small amount of muscle.

A great way you can approach this to under cardio training combined with total body strength training.

You see when you perform total body strength training, this will help you increase your metabolism rate to help you burn the unwanted fats. When combined with the right type of cardio training, you are on the pathway to successfully burn fats and building larger muscles at the same time.

Not to forget, your diet will affect your capacity to burn fat and muscle too. Consuming quality protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates in a small meal scale 4 – 6 times a day will help you burn more fats because your blood sugar is more constant to help in controlling your appetite.