How To Build Lean Muscle For The Ideal Male Body

The question of how to build lean muscle for the ideal male body is one of the main drivers of the health and fitness industry. Still despite masses of information out there it’s not all helping. A lot of the advice you might be following is the gospel of big and bulky bodybuilders passed on to you. Following these people as role models really isn’t the way to achieve your goal if you’re after the lean v-shaped look that is considered the most attractive.

How to get the ideal male body is the right question, but if you follow the typical approach you’ll get the wrong answer. So another valuable question to ask is; what is it that the people you really want to look like know and do, and how can you use it to help achieve your goals?

Well here are six tips to take from the people who have really cracked the look you want; movie stars and fitness models.

1) Get better, not bigger

Bulking really isn’t the way. Unless you have a magic wand you really can’t turn fat into muscle. Get big and fat and you’re only going to have to sweat to get it off again when you realise you actually want to be in shape.

2) Stay lean year round

Who wants to spend most of their life out of shape? That’s what bulking means. Why not always look good and be ready for life. Fitness models and people who actually have to look good for a living stay in shape year round, so they are never too far from peak condition. Aside from saving you the hassle and heartache of trying to get the bulk off, it also means you will constantly be staying in the habits that keep you lean and in shape, and this is a fundamental of looking and feeling great.

3) Don’t follow bodybuilder style workouts

Too much, too long, and too often is the typical bodybuilder workout plan. It is a very good reason why so many people in gyms are giving their all and getting nowhere fast. The answer isn’t to work harder, and certainly not longer, its way more important to know what to work on.

4) Workout less, but make it count

Studies have proven fast is where it’s at. You will get much better results by working out less, not more, but with high intensity. More results and less time can be the future of fitness for you. Besides if you’re going to have the ideal male body make sure you have the time to get out there and enjoy it!

5) Know where the muscle will make the difference

If you want the look that turns heads it’s never about slapping muscle on in an indiscriminate way. Some areas matter more than others. Movie stars and fitness models know that a tight set of abs and a v shaped torso are the keys to a body that cries out to be shown off. So do women. So should you!

6) Choose and use the right exercises

You get what you train for. So when it comes to how to build muscle for the ideal male body, choose your exercises wisely. It will make all the difference.

Follow these tips to start on your way to the ideal male body and getting in shape you can’t wait to show off. Have fun!