How to Build Muscle – Or a Simple Shock Routine

When we first started bodybuilding, more years ago than I care to admit, I admittedly over trained – by a ton. But, because I was very young and bodybuilding was new, I grew anyway. Of course, my gains stalled-as do most bodybuilders – as they progress from a beginning bodybuilder to a more advanced one. That is just the way it goes – if it did not, most of us would be over three-hundred pounds of ripped muscle.

I guess we can all dream!

Seriously, though, sometimes, you need to shock your muscles into new growth, and what follows is just that – a shock routine.

The routine is broken up into two workouts, one is focused on pure power movements and the other, is focused on getting the largest pump possible. Ideally, the first workout should be done early in the morning, and the second one should be done late in the day, to allow the maximum amount of recovery between the workouts. I realize that for some people this might not be possible, so just do the best you can.


Because this routine is advanced, I would recommend that you wait until you have at least two years of solid workouts under your belt before you try the routine you will find below.

Lastly, I picked chest for this article but you can use this approach for any body part.

Here we go!


The two exercises you will be using for your first workout of the day are incline barbell presses and chest dips. I chose the incline press over the flat bench because I feel that the flat bench is just too hard on the shoulders.

For the presses, stick to the tried and true 5×5 system – that is five sets of five reps per set, for a total of twenty-five reps. Your goal is to use as much weight as you can, but only if you can use it in PERFECT form.

Please, pause with the bar on your chest for four seconds on each rep.

For the chest dips, just do any many reps as you can for the five sets. Please to not swing during these, again your form must be perfect on each rep.

As for your rest periods – rest as long as you need to feel recovered as again, your goal is to use as much weight as possible.

When you are finished with the above two exercises, stretch out your chest and then take in some good food or supplements post-workout to help with recovery. I prefer a whey protein shake, but if you have a preferred method, by all means use it.


Ideally, if you have the time, you should take a nap sometime after the workout to help you recover for the next workout of the day. If you can not, just take it as easy as you can.


Your second and final workout of the day focuses on getting the maximum pump possible.

The two exercises you will be using will be barbell pull overs and push-ups.

Over the six or so weeks that you will use this chest shock routine which is the maximum amount of time I suggest you use this routine. You should work up to five super-sets of the above two exercises.

First do a set of twenty breathing pull overs. The weight does not matter with these, use enough so that you feel it, but not so much that you are struggling.


By breathing pull overs, I mean that you should expand your chest as much as you can during each rep.


So you have finished your set of twenty "breathing" pull overs – now jump IMMEDIATLEY into doing push-ups.

Do as many as you can without going to failure; leave a few "in the hole".

Rest two minutes, and do another super set.

When you can get all five sets, you can start wearing a weight vest for the push-ups.

You do not need to increase the weight you use on the pull overs, as I Do not want you to lose the feel of the movement.

Once you are done, make sure you take in your post-workout meal, and then if possible, hit the sack for the night.


I know the above routine is tough, but again, please remember, that the above routine is mainly for shocking your chest (or whatever body part you use it for) into new growth and should not be used as your normal routine.

When you do decide to use the above routine, make sure you clean out your schedule so that you have the time and energy to do justice to the routine.

If you do, I know, that in a few weeks your chest just may be "shocked" into some new growth!