How to Burn Pillar Candles And Fat Round Candles

  1. Remove all packaging material before burning pillar or grubby candles.
  2. Only burn in a holder designed for the candles.
  3. Never place any candle directly on furniture.
  4. Burn your freestanding candles 1 hour for each inch in diameter and keep the wick centered. This allows the flame time to melt the wax to the outer edge.
  5. Not allowing your candle to burn until the wax melts to its outer edge will cause the candle to core down the middle & shorten burn time.
  6. Do not trim the wick too short or it will not generate enough heat to melt the wax sufficiently.
  7. Keep your candle wax free of matches, wick trimmings & flammable materials
  8. To extinguish a candle with little or no smoking: use a candle snuffer.
  9. Dip the wick into the melt pool and then retrieve it. Wick will be primed and ready for next lighting. The wax on the wick will light quicker than a dry wick.
  10. Do not burn in drafty areas.
  11. Your candles will have a more even burn if you give them a little (about ¼ turn) about every hour or so.
  12. Crooked burning does happen if the wick becomes off center. To rectify the crooked burning, you can use a butter knife to gently push it back to center. If there is a draft from a fan or an open window, rotating the candle can help the candle to burn more evenly.
  13. Remove candle wax from the candle holders by running very hot water over them.
  14. The second way to remove wax from a candle holder is place the candle holder inside the freezer for about 10-15 minutes, take it out and hit the bottom of the holder with the flat of your hand. Usually the old wick and what left over candle wax pops out. I have had to use a butter knife to push down on the edge of the left over wax to help it come out.
  15. To remove wax from washable fabrics, scrape off excess wax and run boiling water through the material.
  16. To remove wax from carpeting, use a paper bag from the grocery store, get your iron very hot, iron the top of the grocery bag and most of the wax will come out.
  17. If your candle is lit and in another room, it might be a good idea to check on it every hour.
  18. A small amount of wax left at the bottom of containers/votives, and sometimes an outer shell of wax left on pillars is normal. The remaining wax at the bottom of a candle is a result of wick tabs with long necks that are specifically manufactured to keep a fire from starting if a candle is burned too low.