How To Buy A Rectangle Shade Sail

A rectangle shade sail or multiple units can transform any outdoor setting into an architectural extravaganza. Rectangle shade sails also known as, sun sails can be made from a variety of fabrics including shade cloth, Textiline, Sunbrella or a variety of other light weight durable fabrics. Rectangle sun sails are best when manufactured from a UV resistant fabric such as shade cloth or Sunbrella. Properly installed rectangular sunshades should not flap in the wind and should be very taut between fixing points. Furthermore, a centenary curve is also needed in order for the sail to not sag in the middle.

Rectangular shade sails can be purchased in variety of colors and sizes as well as custom made. Typical sizes that are commonly found when you buy shade sails online include 12X8, 12X14, 12X16 or 12X18 or even greater. Custom made rectangle sun shades can be made to whatever size that you need. It is not recommended to go very narrow as you will not end up with any shade after you factor in the necessary inward curve that is designed with each sail.

Before you purchase any rectangle sails online you should look at other factors such as the construction of the sail as well as the materials that are being used. Look for rectangle sails that are made from heavy-duty fabric such as a Sunbrella type fabric or anything equivalent of Coolaroo Commercial 95. There are many fabrics on the market that are as good or better than the Coolaroo fabric such as Synthesis 95, Cooltrashade or Monotec 370, which is considered the best in the industry. Less expensive shade sails do not normally use UV treated thread. Look for sun sails that are made with UV treated awning thread. Tenara Gore Tex is considered to be the best in the awning industry. This thread has a 8 year factory warranty. Inferior awning threads will disintegrate and leave your sail virtually useless.

Heavy-Duty Rectangular sunshades when installed properly can withstand 90 mph winds or higher. Sails for shade should be installed onto steel or wooden posts. Steel posts are preferred if you are looking to qualify for wind ratings required by city code when commercial or residential shade sails are installed. Your footings should be equivalent to one third of the entire post length. Therefore a 12 foot post should be installed about 4 feet into the ground with a hole diameter of about 24 inches. Be sure to use 3500 psi or greater Portland cement to ensure a proper install.

Rectangle shade sails can be arranged in a variety of ways. Use your imagination when trying to determine how you want your sail set up to look. Rectangular sunshades should be installed at a variety of heights in order to get the proper look. They do provide additional shade benefit over triangle shade sails. Rectangle shade for sun when installed properly will last for a very long time and will ultimately provide the best protection against the suns harmful UV rays for your family, yourself and your property.