How to Buy an Oven or Cooker

Are you shopping for an oven cooker? If so it would be worth reading on to gather all the information before you buy online! Millimart has done the research to present the most important features that you should bare in mind when shopping for an oven.

Self cleaning ovens

At last we have the ovens and cookers with the capability to clean themselves, allowing us to relax after our meal! There are two main types of self cleaning ovens, pyrolytic and catalytic lined ovens. Both of these oven types burn off the dirt left inside the oven, however, catalytic lining does this at almost have the heat and can leave the presence of dirt inside the oven so choose carefully if you have decided to pay more for this feature.

Oven recipe function

The recipe function helps you choose the best time and heat setting to cook your food. This is very helpful when cooking meats like chicken when it is important that the meat is cooked properly and to the right oven temperature. Using a recipe function does not necessarily make for a better tasting meal of course, but it helps to ensure that all food is properly cooked through, which is a good start!

Meat probe

If an oven has a meat probe you will be able to judge the temperature of the meat to make sure it is optimally cooked. You insert the probe into the meat so that the oven can alert you when it is cooked to your chosen temperature. This is a great feature when you are cooking a large joint for a special occasion and need some intelligent assistance!

Oven turnspit

The turnspit is exactly as it sounds, cooking your food like a rotisserie. Turnspits do not offer any assistance as to how the food is cooked such as the meat probe, however, if you are a fan of rotisserie dishes then it is an added bonus.

Pizza function

The relevance of the pizza function obviously depends on the amount of pizza you eat! Generally ovens with pizza modes offer only slightly better results than using the standard fan function.

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