How to Cast Love Spells and Magic

The art of Casting has many different levels and difficulties. Some cannot be cast by a person who has had no training in the art of Casting. Intense and Strong training is required with most Spell castings. Wicca Magic is an art that must be practiced and mastered before attempting to cast advanced Spells.

HOWEVER, there are spells you can cast with little or no magic training.

How can you cast effective spells you ask?

The answer is actually quite simple! You see, the “Spells” themselves are actually “recipes” that have been put together via trial and error. This has taken many years but the basic principles are the same and never change. These principles are as follows…

First off, spell casting is BEST performed (but not always required) to be cast on set days of the week. Each day has a certain power or type of energy. They are as follows…

Casting Days & Their Purpose

Sunday – Spells Cast on Sunday are generally for healing and peace. Protection and cleansing Spell are also cast on Sunday.

Monday – Money Spells are cast best on Monday. The day symbolizes new beginnings and the “start” of the week. All Spells relating to finances, fortune, luck, fame and employment are best on Monday.

Tuesday – Spells relating to passion and strength are best cast on Tuesday. Many Love Spells are began on this day and will continue through the week. Tuesday is a powerful Love Spells day indeed.

Wednesday – Energies cast for locating items, attracting certain lovers, learning and education are cast best on Wednesday.

Thursday – legal maters, luck, expansion

Friday – The BEST day for Love energies is by far Friday. Attraction Spells, Binding Spells, Break Up Spells, Return My Lover Spells and Passion Spells are best cast on Friday. One of the most Magic days of the week by far.

Saturday – Break up and Custom Revenge Energies are best cast on Saturday. This is the second most powerful day of the week for energies like this and is used by many Wicca and Wiccan Casters to promote the best energies within their craft.