How to Choose a Bar

If you're looking for a good bar in Cardiff, or anywhere else in the UK, then you'll want to make sure it meets a strict set of criteria. Here are 10 questions you should ask before making your choice.

1. Is it easy to get to?

Think about where you're coming from and where you're going to and find out if you can to and from the bar with ease. If it's by public transport, check the last journey home so you're not left stranded. If you're driving, make sure you're not drinking and see if they have any car parking facilities on-site or nearby.

2. Is the bar in a good location?

What part of town is the bar in? Is it a safe area? This is vital for making your night go without a hitch, so do your homework before you leave.

3. Who will be joining you?

Can they get there easily? Is it suitable for their tastes too? If it's a business meeting, how loud will the music be? If you're taking your girlfriend, is there music for you to have a dance?

4. Will you be wanting to eat?

If you're not looking for food, do you mind going to an establishment that is meal-orientated? And if you do want to eat, does the bar you're looking at serve food at the times you intend to go?

5. How expensive are the drinks?

Nobody wants to pay over the odds for drink, so check out reviews before you go and see what people who've been before think.

6. How efficient is the service?

Make sure wherever you're going gets good reviews for service. Nobody wants to wait around to be served for half the evening.

7. How much seating do they have?

If you like to sit down when having a drink, make sure they have plenty of seating. If do not mind standing up, this does not matter as much, but it's nice to have the option – especially if you're likely to tire yourself out with dancing.

8. What kind of atmosphere does the bar have?

Is it quiet? Loud? Photos busy? -Quiet? Every bar offers something different, so do your research and know what to expect before you arrive.

9. Do they have the drinks or kind of meals you're looking for?

People always forget to check what products bars do, then have to change their order at the bar. Call the bar before you go and make sure they offer Jameson Whisky if that's what you like to drink.

10. Can you go to any other bars nearby?

If you do not want to stay in the same place all night, why not find a bar that is surrounded by other bars. That way, if the bar is not what you fancy, you're not a taxi ride away from somewhere else.

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