How to Choose a Company to Get Your VoipSwitch From?

If you search online for VoipSwitch providers you will find loads of different companies offering VoIP switches for resellers. But while there are seemingly so many companies offering this same product not all offer them licensed. The most important thing when buying a VoipSwitch is to make sure that the VoipSwitch comes with a license because otherwise it might just be a crack version and it is not guaranteed to work properly.

When researching different companies it is better to get your VoipSwitch from a company that is not brand new. An older company will be more established and there is less chance that they will close down soon. Well-established VoipSwitch companies are constantly re-inventing their products to make sure they are up-to-date with the market, by using them you know you get the latest software. Look for awards when researching companies and check out if they participate in different trade shows and exhibitions, this again shows you how integrated they are in the market.

Ask how many clients the company has, where their clients are mainly based, what services their clients offer, what size of company their clients have…

Do they have clients based near you? Do their clients have companies similar to the one you want to start?

It is important to get clear answers on these questions so you know what these companies specialize in.

What type of services do you wish to offer? Make sure the company you want to get a VoipSwitch from offers the products you will need in order to provide that service. They should be able to tell you what you will need in order to start and should help you set it up.

Another important thing is to make sure that you get 24/7 support. Things do go wrong and you will need someone to help you. Find out how support can be contacted in case of a problem.

You also need to consider the price. What is your budget? If you do not have or do not want to invest a lot of money there are many companies that offer a hosted VoipSwitch instead of buying one. This way you just pay a monthly fee which includes everything.

Some companies will offer cheaper products but it comes with less services, so research what you get for the price you pay. Sometimes it is better to pay a higher price if that will include more.