How to Choose a Flat Screen TV?

Modern technology enables companies to produce excellent entertainment system like flat screen TVs. In other words, gone are the days when television units occupied large space and were too heavy to carry around or even just to move around the house. In fact, nowadays if you have a flat screen TVs in your home or your TV is the slimmest one then you are cooler in the eyes of everyone who knows.

However, when it comes to choosing your flat panel TV you must ensure that you consider a few things to get the most out of your money. Hence, taking into consideration factors of buying TV, you can buy yourself the coolest entertainment set.

Screen Size – Admittedly, most people would first consider the size of a TV before buying one. In fact, it is a deciding factor next to the price and quality of the resolution. Moreover, you need to be aware that the different flat screen TVs requires certain distance from the wall, where it was mounted or placed. LCDs usually require about 10 -16 feet off the wall, this is important to make sure that the TV will last longer.

Quality of Image – Resolution or the picture of the TV is essential to appreciate better the program or movies you are watching. Take note, the higher the TVs pixel the greater is the chance that you will have a good movie time with your family. The standard resolutions by the way are 720×480 or 640×480 for broadcast programs and the 480i, 720p, 480p and 1080i for digital.

Connection – Most flat screen TVs has different plugs nowadays, not just for movie players but also for game console and computer as well. It is crucial that you choose a TV that could provide everything you need for you main entertainment. In the old days, the best connections are analog and most frequently used. Now, HDMI connections are the best nowadays and the standard in most TVS.

Audio – Pictures are important in all TVs but the audio is also an important feature that should not be disregarded. After all, total enjoyment can be experience if a TV has everything that could make you feel like you are in a movie house. So, any TVs with a surround sound is a wonderful buy as it provides a realistic sound even without any speakers whatsoever.

Screen TVs Flat is with Spatializer, SRS, Dolby Pro Logic and Sub The Cyclone-Bass are On logos you shouldnt be aware when buying TV.

Extra Features – The TVs that also has a PIP features, or one that allows double viewing in one TV is now a popular buy. Memory readers are also other add-ons that no one should disregard as you can simply connect your camera or video cam to print or watch pictures.