How to Choose a Garage Door Company

Because garage doors have become a well-known part of the façade of new homes, garage door manufacturers are now offering more styles, materials and color options more than ever before. For those in the market for beautiful new garage doors, here are a couple of options to consider.

Decide on Which Material to Choose

When researching different options, there is a lot to consider such as maintenance, durability, cost, design. Wooden doors are known to take much more abuse than metal doors, which show dents and dings and can start to rust and get pierced. When it comes to choosing wooden garage doors, the most popular choice is cedar. Mahogany is also a popular choice; a homeowner can get anything they want as long as they have the budget. There is also the issue of aesthetics, some homeowner like to match the style of the garage door to their house windows. Having a white door and white trim is a traditional look. With modern homes, homeowners can go a little crazy with materials such as glass doors and attractive wood designs.

Material Types


• Comes in a variety of styles, designs and colors

• Offers low to zero maintenance

• Anti-rust feature – this is a good choice for home owners who live in humid or salty environments

• The material’s lightweight makes it less taxing on the garage door’s operating system, the door’s tracks and openers. It is also easy to operate manually.

Disadvantage: This material is less durable than steel. It also dents easily.


• Stronger than aluminum

• Comes in different colors, styles, and finishes

Disadvantage: Can start to rust when it is dented or scratched


• A great choice for the traditionalist, comes in a variety of custom designs

• Overlays or veneers provide the look of wood at a cheaper price

Disadvantage: Needs regular maintenance (staining or painting)

Fiber Glass/ PVC Overlay

• A variety of styles and designs

• Much more durable than metal and woods, but it can crack if it hit hard

• Considerably new to the market and is not as popular as metal and wood

Disadvantage: Typically, costs more than metal and is less solid than wood garage door.

Choosing the Right Color

• Generally, the color that is chosen for the garage door should complement the home and blend seamlessly with the general structure instead of standing out like a sore thumb. Vivid colors and extreme contrasts should be avoided.

• The door should be matched to the home’s window trim instead of the front door. A color that blends in with the home’s brick or sliding should also be considered.

• Some homes feature red bricks, for less contrast with red bricks, tan or beige color should be chosen. These colors match the mortar in the brick.

After choosing the right door, it is also important to contact a reputable and reliable garage door company to have the door installed properly. Many companies also offer repair and maintenance services as well.