How to Choose a School Assembly

Back to school and the kids are coming soon…HELP!!!!!! After a summer off you are probably scrambling to get things in order before the students arrive. One of the tasks that may be somewhere down the list is planning your special school assemblies, an activity that sometimes gets overlooked, but is more important that some people realize.

As important as class curriculum is, there is also another activity that can deliver inspiration, motivation and curriculum featuring a variety of topics that may never be discussed in the normal flow of your school year. Topics like drugs and violence, bullying, character and more. This activity is the exciting and memorable school assembly. Students love the chance to get out of class, teachers love the break from the routine and the messages are often delivered by performers who the students will listen to and respect as a good school assembly should be equally entertaining.

As a performer myself, I get to see the excited faces, the approval, the respect garnered from the kids as they are amazed by witnessing things they may only see on TV. More importantly, I get to witness them listening and hanging on every word as our athletes deliver messages that reach “home” so to speak. These special school assemblies are a memory your students will take with them for life.

When you go about choosing your assembly I think the best approach is to satisfy all 3 parties involved. First, you want the students to enjoy the assembly. If the kids are bored you will lose them, and any effectiveness the program may offer. Second, the faculty! Your schoolteachers and administration should also enjoy the program, even if it is geared toward the kids. If you can find a program that accomplishes both, you are 2/3 of the way there. Finally, you MUST justify their out-of-class time by making sure the students parents would approve. Your students parents are entrusting you with the education of their kids and any time you take them out of class it needs to be worth it. Any school assembly you decide to schedule should pass the unwritten litmus test by promoting curriculum that will enhance your students lives.

First, I think the School Assembly should be inspirational. If the kids get nothing else, your assembly should inspire them to maybe believe a little more. You can capture this moment by encouraging your students to write out a big goal or dream after the assembly, and relate it to the performers. Second, the kids should get motivated. Watching a professional performer should encourage kids to not only set a goal from the initial inspiration, but it should motivate them to begin the process of working hard. Finally, they should learn something concrete. They should walk away with a clear message that drugs are no good, that violence is never the answer, that begin a bully is wrong and destructive. Then they should be able to connect the dots and realize being motivated, inspired and above all, drug-free, is the path to success in life.

I encourage your to consider a professional sports school assembly which can accomplish all of your objectives. There are basketball dunk teams, tumblers, amazing basketball dribbling/spinning shows and of course my “Go BIG” BMX Stunt Show. Have a GREAT School Year and I urge you to book your special school assembly early!