How to Choose Between Your Wife or Mistress

It is an open secret that millions of married men have affairs, which can be frowned upon in some societies. At some point an innocent affair could become serious, as your feelings for your lover, become deeper. And then you may have to choose to continue your relationship with one of your partners.

In a traditional society a wife is the pillar of stability at home, whilst a mistress is someone who brings excitement to an often business-like marriage. Both partners do bring something good to your life,- a wife stability, and a lover, pleasure.

This paradox usually comes to a head when you start having deep feelings for your lover, and start withdrawing from your marriage partner emotionally. At this point you may be forced to decide which partner to remain with.

How do you choose which partner to remain with?

Determine who do you really love?

Is it your wife or lover? Answering these questions could determine which partner you choose. Are you willing to go with your heart or settle for stability in a loveless marriage?


Does your wife and lover accept the fact you have a relationship with both of them? If the answer is yes, an “open marriage,” may be the solution with an agreement between both partners.

Legal Consequences

Governments can interfere and determine relationship rules in more traditional societies. Perhaps your wife decides to go for a divorce, unfaithfulness is a valid ground for ending a marriage. Access the legal consequences of your decision, and the long term affects of any decision you make.

Love is a complex feeling, and it is natural to fall -in and out of love with a partner. Some partners may simply accept you have a lover, others could end a relationship. Realizing your own feelings towards someone could be the first step in deciding which partner you should remain with.