How to Choose the Best SLI Motherboards For Intel Core I7 Socket 1366

Today’s latest breakthrough in computer gaming is the SLI (Scalable Link Interface).This technology is developed by NVidia and it uses only an NVidia video cards. It allows multi GPU that performs in parallel so that the work load of each video card is divided, thus producing twice or more the quality on the single output.

There’s another technology same as the SLI which is the CrossFireX. This one is developed by ATI and can only be use with ATI cards. The only difference between this two is that NVidia can be use only with identical card this means that they must have the same GPU, clock speed and memory. The ATI can be used with different GPU card with the same memory and speed that both support the CrossFireX.

In order to use the SLI or the CrossFireX configuration your motherboard must be a certified NVidia SLI or ATI CrossFireX. And also you must have at least 2 PCI-E 16X slots for 2-way and 3 PCI-E slots for 3-way. And lastly, your video card must be capable with SLI or CrossFireX. Most of the latest release of video card today is an SLI and a CrossFireX ready.

The best choice for LSI motherboard is socket 1366 with X58 chipset because this supports the intel core i7 quad core and the new Bloomfield hex core for your future upgrade. The best thing about this chipset is that it both supports the SLI and the CrossFireX. The X58 also supports the DDR3 triple channel memory that uses 3 memory sticks but you can also use 2.