How to Clean a Split Air Conditioner

Cleaning a split air conditioner can be a tough job considering the amount of labor involved. For those who have someone else do this job for them; there are the least of issues. But for money savers who prefer doing these tasks themselves, the cleaning process and then winding up the task afterwards gets pretty tough. Here are some simple tips however to make this task easier.

Turn Power Off and Unplug:

The very first thing one has to do while leaning an air conditioner is to turn the unit off and then to unplug it. Many people consider it worthless unplugging the unit once it is powered off. They are unaware of the fact that units can get bust due to water seeping on to the live wires as electricity is not absent entirely even if the unit is switched off and not unplugged. Getting an electric shock can also not be put out of the question.

Blow Air without Targeting the Air Reflectors:

It is advised not to wet the unit until and unless it is the only way out. If only a person takes pain to regularly clean the split air conditioner then he may not need to wash it with water and detergents. Air blower does a hell of a job in lesser time but it should be made sure that the air pressure does not get to the air reflectors of the unit. At a high speed; the air coming from the blower may as well damage them and they may not be able to spread cool air properly.

Use Cool Water:

Hot water is hazardous for the closely bound metallic plates as they may get expanded due to it. It is advised to use cool water while washing an air conditioner and to use lots of cloth pieces. There are a lot of air conditioner cleaning agents available in the market and one can choose the lesser acidic one to prevent it from burning the plastic and rubber inside.

Place the Unit into a Drainable Place:

Garages, porches and courtyards are good places to clean or wash split air conditioners as they mostly have arrangements for water drainage. This way the cleaner can simply wipe the water away into the drain rather than having to dry it out or eventually wiping it with a cotton broom.

Cover the Wires with Water Proof Material:

It is always better to cover the electric wires of air conditioner with water proofing material. If not done so, then there is a chance for the wires to get wet and this can lead to short circuiting and the entire unit may get burned out.

Considering these simple tips, one can expect great ease while cleaning a split air conditioner himself.