How to Clean a Suit Jacket

If you are a man there is pretty much no way you can get through life without owing a suit coat. The suit jacket is an extremely important part of your wardrobe even if you do not wear a suit to work, you will need to have quick access to one throughout your life. Weddings, interviews, funerals, special events; let’s face it a suit is essential. Ideally, the best way to keep your jacket clean is by using a professional dry cleaner, sometimes expensive professional cleaning is not a option due to price and/or time constraints. This article covers how to clean your suit jacket at home without having to take it to the dry cleaners. Some of the key items you will need to get the job done yourself are;

* A clothes brush

* A stain removal stick, pen or spray

* A clothing steamer or iron with a steam feature

* A soft clean cloth (can be purchased at clothing stores or dry cleaners)

* A suit hanger

The first thing to do is take out your clothing brush and brush away any loose dust, dirt and lint from your jacket. After brushing, hang the coat on a hanger (wooden is better than plastic) now re-brush the coat focusing on the side panels and sleeves.

Next, use your stain removal pen or stick to take out any small stains that are on the jacket. You can get a stain stick at most grocery stores or drug stores in the same isle as laundry detergent. Be careful when using the stain removal pen if you use too much solution you can damage your jacket or cause a different type of stain.

Next, Steam your jacket using a clothing steamer or a iron with steam feature. Hang the coat on your hanger and hold the steam about 10 inches from your suit. If you are using an iron, you may need to hold it closer. Make sure you steam the entire suit on all sides.

Next, use your clean cloth to lightly dust off the jacket and buff up the surface of it. Try and rub the cloth in line with the nap of the fabric.

Finally leave the garment to hang in a room with very good air flow this will help dry the jacket from steaming and air it out, leaving it smelling clean.