How to Clean Ear Wax

Ear wax plays an important role by trapping dirt and foreign microbes that could possibly cause injure in the ear. Ear wax also acts as lubricant in the ear canal and the eardrum. However, excessive ear wax that hardened in the ear canal can cause hearing loss. Ear wax may be cleaned on your own following the simple steps:

  1. To remove the accumulated wax, load up the dropper half full the with drops. You may use baby oil or mineral oil as an alternative to commercial ear drops.
  2. Lean your head towards the opposite shoulder of the affected ear. Make sure the affected ear is facing up, and to hold the ear dropper 3 inches from the ear. Place 3 – 4 drops into the ears, and let it set for 3 minutes while your head is kept tilted.
  3. Do the same procedure if the other ear is affected as well, by leaning your head towards the opposite shoulder of the other ears. Place 3 – 4 drops and keep your head steady for 3 minutes.
  4. Use the same dropper to rinse your ears. Fill it up with warm water. Rest your head on your shoulder, hold your upper ear up and pull back a little for an easy access into the ear canal. Insert the dropper and squeeze out gently small volumes of warm water.
  5. Do the same procedure for the other ear. Tilt your head on the opposite shoulder, hold your upper ear up and pull back. Squeeze out the water gently and allow it to work for a few minutes to soften the wax from the ear canal. After this, tilt your head on the opposite side to allow the water to drain from the ear.
  6. Use a cotton wash cloth or towel to dry them. Simply pat dry, and do not rub to prevent causing irritation or damage. You can now dispose the excess ear drops in the ear dropper, and make sure to wash all soiled materials with antibacterial soap and hot water. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot.

If you’re finding that these steps don’t work, there are many other options that you can partake in. While earwax generally can’t cause that many big problems, you can always consult with a local doctor to see what he/she believes. There are some great over the counter medications, as well as prescriptions that you may want to use.