How to Clean Marmoleum Floors

Cleaning and caring for your new Marmoleum floor doesn’t have to be a mystery. While many people discuss the cleaning and caring of Marmoleum, few really know what they are talking about.

Just the other day I received an email from a cleaning professional who was quite upset. She had just finished cleaning her customers Marmoleum floor and was in a panic. It appears that she followed the advice of a questionable source, someone who really didn’t have the experience or the knowledge to give such advice. The house cleaner was told to use a well know household “all in one” wonder cleaner. Needless to say, the cleaning bottle did not clearly state it was for cleaning “linoleum based floors” or “Marmoleum floors”. The end result was that the floor now has a faint green cast to it.

While I did give her some very good and very accurate advice, the final outcome was not revealed to me.

Please note when you are dealing with a quality product, a natural product, it may require following the directions provided by the manufacture. Forbo is the manufacturer of Marmoleum, not your neighbor.

The cleaning of Marmoleum should only be done by using a linoleum cleaner. Marmoleum sells their cleaner and polish through it’s retail dealers and it’s made especially for their flooring. They’ve tested it and know it will do the job and not harm the floor. Yes, there are other products available to clean linoleum based flooring. Jut be sure the cleaner states that it is an acceptable cleaning product for linoleum floors.

Marmoleum is a beautiful floor and should last a lifetime if cared for properly. I suggest that you visit your local Marmoleum dealer to purchase the correct products.

If your Marmoleum floor was manufactured prior to the application of Marmoleum’s Top Shield coating, you may need to periodically strip the old floor polish off and reapply.

For complete step by step instructions, visit [] and click on the Marmoleum link to learn how to care for your Marmoleum floor.