How to Clean Mildew From Shower, and Shower Door Tracks

Mildew often lives on shower walls, window sills, shower door tracks, shower curtains, grout near bathtubs and other places where humidity levels are high.

Mold and Mildew is a fungus that grows in moist and warm environments.

Mold and Mildew can be identified by its color.

If you have a problem with high humidity and warm environments, mold or mildew could potentially form. Mold and Mildew will take root mostly where the humidity level is high, along with low circulation of air, poor lighting or low lighting, and damp areas.

If you are experiencing problems with Mold or Mildew in your bathroom showers, or shower tracks. Here is a simple solution to help you tackle those problem areas in your bathroom.

Mix one cup of bleach to a gallon of water, make sure you place this mixture in a spray bottle for easy use.

Now open all windows in your bathroom and turn on the ventilation switch if you have one in your bathroom to create sufficient ventilation while you are cleaning. Put on cleaning gloves and a mask for protection because the chemicals can be harmful to your health, as with most cleaning products that are not natural. Also have an old toothbrush handy for scrubbing Mildew and Mold in your shower tracks and bath tub grout if you have grout around your bath tub.

Now spray the part bleach solution onto the area where the Mold or Mildew growth has been observed, leave onto area at least five to ten minutes then take your toothbrush and scrub the area clean. In most cases the Mold or Mildew will disappear immediately without even scrubbing.

Once you have sprayed and scrubbed the area, take some clean water and wash thoroughly and dry the area with clean rags or towels. Once you have gotten rid of the problem areas, you can clean your shower with a disinfectant solution to finish your shower.

Here are some tips if your shower or shower door has soap scrum that you are unable to clean. Try using vinegar and water solution and this should help you take care of any soap scum problem that you are having.