How to Clean Out a Sump Pit?

The maintenance and cleaning out of a sump pit is critical for the performance of the sump pump. Once the basement sump is installed then it is up to the installation contractor to clean out the sump pit prior to commissioning the system and signing it off. In both preformed sump chambers and sump pits there is always a big chance that the pit will be full of builders rubble and debris from the site works. The installation company should remove all debris from the pit or chamber and then use a Aqua vac to remove any silt or fines which may be at the bottom of the chamber. It is at this point the operative should test all the fittings and pipe work is correctly glued and or screwed together and make sure that there is no debris in the bottom of the sump pumps which could cause it to jam in the event of the sump pumps being activated.

It is important when cleaning out a sump pit or chamber that you have a standby pump with a flexible hose because if you are in an active water situation and have only one discharge line leading from you sump pit out then you will need the standby pump to remove water whilst you check the primary pump for wear etc. It is also very handy to have a large catchall tray which means you can take out the pumps without making a mess to any fixtures or fittings if you sump pit or chamber is inside. Other very handy tools when you need to clean out a sump pit is a acid for getting rid of lime scale residue which may have built up inside the chamber. Hydrochloric Acid works well but is extremely caustic so make sure you have goggles and the appropriate gloves and other health and safety gear when using this type of material. Another essential when dealing with the clean out of a sump pit or chamber is a hose connected to mains water. This helps to wash out any debris but also to test the pumps quickly once cleaned and ready for action.

When cleaning out a sump pit which is being utilised for not just ground water i.e sewage then you are in a different ball park. The same principles apply to a clean water sump chamber but you will need to take a lot of extra precautions and you will need to have the appropriate immunisations for dealing with foul sump systems.

It may be best to not make this a job you do in house but outsource this to a professional foul sump maintenance company.

Remember it is vital to maintain pumps like your boiler to keep them reliable. The cleaning of the sump pit/chamber is a essential part of this process.