How to Clean Pet Stains From the Carpet

You might love your furry friends, and they most certainly love you back, but accidents may happen on your caret when the pet decides to “think outside the box”. These little ‘accidents’ could be very tricky to remove, though. You have to commit a lot of time and effort to neutralise the smell completely. The smell may linger for months or at least until the next carpet cleaning service you have scheduled. Of course, it is ridiculous to call a cleaning company every time the pet abuses the carpet, but the truth is that there are quite a few cleaning solutions that can be as effective as the professional interference of experienced cleaners. It does not mean you should give up, though. Here are several proven cleaning techniques you can try the next time.

Act immediately – the first and the most important thing you need to remember is to try to remove the pet stain immediately after it occurs. Sometimes this would be easier said than done because your dog can do its business in a hard to reach place. However, you need to find where the stain is before it dries out.

The first step – when the pet stain is located, you can apply paper towels and try to absorb as much as you possibly can. This way you will have less to clean, but unfortunately, you have to go an extra mile with removing the persistent smell.

Pro tip – there are many techniques you can use, but it all depends on the type of carpet you have. If your carpet has bright colours, then you might want to try some more eco-friendly cleaning techniques or the stain may be visible even after all the pet urine is gone.

Cleaning the stain – after you are done blotting the stain, it’s time for the actual cleaning. In a container, mix equal parts of water and white vinegar (white vinegar will disinfect the stain and will remove the smell). Pour the solution onto the stain and then sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda. Let all this sit for about 5 minutes and rinse with water. Then start blotting once again with a towel. Repeat this process as many times as needed until the smell is gone.

Blot-don’t rub – you might think that rubbing the stain will do a better job, but it will spread the stain even more. Try to blot the stain using an absorbent cloth or paper towels.

Behaviour tip – instead of discarding the paper towels you have been blotting the stain with, put them nearby the litter box. Your pet will react to the smell of its waste and will learn not to pee on the carpet. Or at least that’s the theory.

Pet stains odour neutralisers – no matter how hard you clean, pet stains will smell at least for a week. Well, luckily there are some useful pet odour neutralising powders on the market. Try sprinkling some on the stains.

Try out these tricks the next time you encounter such an issue and don’t forget to arrange professionals to restore the great condition of your carpet at least twice per year.