How To Clean Schonbek Crystal Chandeliers

If you are fortunate enough to own any of the Schonbek crystal chandeliers then you will want to know how to clean them properly and safety in order to keep them shimmering. How often you will need to clean them will depend on the area in which they are situated and how much dirt, dust, or smoke filters through the area.

Basically, you will want to clean all crystal chandeliers the same way as you clean Schonbek crystal chandeliers. You may also want to use a feather duster between cleanings or any kind of duster with an extension handle, if needed, that repels dust. When it is time to clean the chandelier, you will want to wear white cotton gloves as the crystals will show fingerprints.

Schonbek recommends that you use one part isopropyl alcohol with three parts water that has been distilled. Once you have combined the mixture, pour it into a spray bottle. Now all you have to do is spray one of your gloves with the mixture and use that hand to clean the chandelier. You can use the other hand to dry the crystals.

If your chandelier is very dirty then you may need to remove the crystals in order to properly clean it. If you do this, be sure and make note of where each piece goes so that when you reassemble the chandelier there won’t be any problems. You may find that with some styles of chandeliers that you have to remove the trim in order to get to the crystals. You want to do this very carefully and make sure you know how to put it back together. Some people find it helpful to draw a diagram of their Schonbek crystal chandeliers before they take them apart. You may also have gotten a diagram when you originally purchased your chandelier and if so, this is one of the reasons why you want to keep it.

If your crystals are very dirty you can also carefully wash them in a pan of sudsy water as long as you only use mild detergent. Although there are some commercial crystal cleaners on the market, Schonbek and other crystal chandelier manufacturers don’t recommend using these because they could contain harsh chemicals that might degrade the crystals over time.

The beauty of crystal chandeliers is that they sparkle and glimmer in the light but they also show fingerprints, dirt, and grime so you will want to keep them clean. However, it is relatively easy to keep your Schonbek crystal chandeliers glimmering and by taking care of the crystal you can enjoy your lighting fixtures for a long time.