How to Clean Stainless Steel – What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

What kitchen is not overflowing in stainless steel today? From large and small appliances to sinks to utensils to cookware, it’s all around us. Although we may think we know how to clean stainless steel, it’s the spots and dull-looking finish that we really want to be able to get rid of.

There is no need to use expensive or specialty store-bought cleaners or any toxic chemicals for this type of cleaning. Simply use items you already have in your cleaning cabinet.

Here are several inexpensive ways you can clean the stainless steel items around your home, even those outside such as grills or even your trash cans (if you wanted to bother cleaning them!)

To clean your kitchen sink, put some olive oil on a cloth and rub the entire sink as well as the fixtures. Then clean with a dry cloth. This will also get rid of water spots.

To clean your electric skillet or roaster, just use club soda. Vinegar can be used to remove spots and stains from your utensils and flatware.

To get rid of grease on your appliances, rub with a mixture of ammonia and warm water. Large areas such as refrigerators or counter tops can be cleaned with glass cleaner or ammonia. If you have a rust problem, just use ordinary household cleaner as often as needed.

To avoid damage to your stainless steel items, never use steel wool as this will scratch the finish. Also, cookware should not be left on a high heat burner for a long period of time as this will cause discoloration which is not a “stain” that can be removed.

While you can find any number of products that give instructions on how to clean stainless steel, you can achieve the same sparkle without the use of abrasives and toxic chemicals.

Go natural and help your family breathe healthy.