How to Clean Travertine Tiles With Homemade Products?

Travertine tiles belong to the family of natural stone. It has close resemblance with the limestone. Its endurance level is close to limestone tiles. Travertine is popularly used in bathroom applications. Travertine showers are a hit among the homemakers. Usually, the shower area has polished finish with glossy surface. This feature is attributed due to application of the sealant.

However, a sealant doesn’t ensure that the tiles would remain perfect as ever. You need to clean and maintain them regularly. The whole concept is to use a good quality sealant and cleaner to keep the surface free from errors. The travertine tiles are a bit different and their natural make gives them an edge over the synthetic tiles. Hence, you can’t use porcelain, ceramic or fiber glass cleaners with these tiles.

The above proposition doesn’t mean that you can’t clean the travertine tiles. Here’s an easy cleaning option for you. These instructions will help you to achieve favorable results. During the process, you’ll need a mild non-acidic soap, household bleach, sponge, rubber gloves and a bucket. Use a soft sponge for cleaning. Remember, a hard sponge leads to scratches on the tile surface.

Now, wet the sponge and pour the non-acidic soap on it. Rub the travertine tiles with the sponge. Don’t forget to focus on the Grey areas near the tile corners. This area has the maximum deposition of dirt and stain. After scrubbing, wear your gloves and prepare a solution by mixing one part of homemade bleach in ten parts of water. Mix the solution thoroughly in the bucket.

Once you prepare the mixture, spread the bleach solution on the surface. Allow it to stand for a while, so that the stubborn stains become damp and removable. Now, wipe the stains with a soft sponge. You can also repeat the whole process until the stains are completely removed. Don’t forget to rinse the floor with fresh water. This is necessary to avoid development of streaks on the surface due to chemical depositions.

So, clean the tiles with this technique and maintain their beauty forever.