How to Clean Your Cordless Driver/Drill

You are the ruler of all do-it-yourselfers…the home improvement guru. You may be building a custom shelving unit today and installing new gutters tomorrow. No task is too big or too small to get your full attention. You know how important your cordless driver/drill is to the success of your many projects. After all, it is one of the most versatile and useful tools in your arsenal. So how do you show appreciation for this wonderful tool? Do you keep it clean and perform regular maintenance on it? If not, you should. Performing regular cleaning and maintenance can help your drill work better for longer and can also improve your safety while using it. Here are some simple steps you can take to keep your cordless drill in optimum condition and ready for action:

1. Check the casing – The casing of your drill is much like your own skin. It protects all of the inner workings from damage caused by dirt and debris. Inspect your drill casing regularly to see if there are any cracks that may need sealing. During this time, you should also check to make sure all of the screws in the casing are tight. If not, tighten them.

2. Remove dust and dirt – Use a vacuum cleaner hose attachment or a nozzle connected to an air hose to remove any dust, dirt, or loose debris from your drill’s fixtures and vents. Follow up with a thorough cleaning with a soft cloth and a solution of mild all-purpose cleaner and water. Never submerge your drill in water. After wiping, dry your drill thoroughly with a clean cloth.

3. Care for your chuck – Your drill’s chuck is the area that often receives the most abuse. Take the time to wipe the chuck clean and lubricate it according to manufacturer’s directions. Most cordless drills come with a tube or bottle of lubricant that is specially made for this purpose.

4. Make contact – The contacts on your cordless drill can pick up dirt and debris as well, reducing its efficiency. Inspect the contacts, wipe away any debris, and dry the contacts thoroughly.

5. Proper storage – You can greatly increase the performance and life expectancy of your cordless drill by storing it properly. Most cordless drills come with a storage case. Make sure the case is clean and dry. After servicing your drill, place it in the case and secure the latches. For optimum performance, battery-powered drills should be stored in areas that stay between 40° and 105°. Temperatures above or below this range will affect your battery performance. If you plan to store your battery in a garage, shop, or anywhere that moisture may be a problem, Place the entire case inside a sealable plastic bag to keep out moisture.

It takes very little time or effort to care for your cordless drill and doing so will pay off greatly in both performance and lifespan of your drill. You depend heavily on this valuable tool so give it the attention it deserves and it will be there when you need it most.