How To Clean Your Earphones

Every time you put your earbuds in your ear you are getting them dirty. No matter how clean your ears are it is part of our body’s defense to create earwax to protect against infection and block out dust and dirt. While earbud earphones offer a high sound quality, and a noise isolating listening experience, these types of earphones need to be cleaned often as to not get a buildup of earwax on and in your earphones that can reduce the sound quality.

To avoid this build up and potential loss of sound quality there several things you need to clean your earphones.

What You Need:

  • Rubbing Alcohol (You can use warm water and soap as well but other cleaning supplies can cause damage)
  • Q-Tips
  • Cotton Balls
  • Soft Cloth

Steps To Cleaning Your Earphones

  1. Unplug the earbuds. (We just want to make sure we don’t get any liquid on your electronic device.)
  2. Take off silicone earphone tips from earphones housing.
  3. Put rubbing alcohol onto cotton ball. (The cotton ball should only be slightly damp not completely wet.)
  4. Gently rub along the earbuds housing with the cotton ball.
  5. Dip Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol
  6. Use Q-Tip to clean earphone tips inside and out.
  7. Let dry or wipe with soft cloth.

Cleaning Tips

  • Never use rough or coarse material to clean your earphones.
  • Do not saturate Q-Tips or cotton balls with rubbing alcohol.
  • Give earphones time to dry.

If you follow these steps you should be able to keep your earphones in top condition and get a little extra life out of them. Also it is possible to hurt your earphones when you are washing them so make sure you are extra careful not to get the

Q-Tips to wet or the cotton balls.