How to Clean Your Scorpion Helmet

If you are a motorcyclist, you will know that wearing motorcycle helmets are required by law when you take out your motorcycle for a spin. Wearing a motorcycle helmet reduces the chances of you suffering from head injury in case your motorcycle crashes. Without it, it is very likely that the injuries will be fatal.

Many companies manufacture these protective helmets. And one of the best motorcycle helmets are those that go out from the production line of ScorpionExo.

ScorpionExo is a firm that produces motorcycle protective gear, specializing in helmets. Scorpion helmets are designed by some of the world's best helmet designers. The company uses only the finest materials and the newest techniques to produce a high-quality durable helmet that is very well above the safety standard of the industry.

Other motorcycle helmet companies outsource their helmets from generic mass manufacturers, then sticking their labels in the products. Also, most helmet brands subcontract the production of their helmets' parts to other vendors. ScorpionExo, on the other hand, manufactures the whole helmet without any outsourcing or subcontracting. Because the production comes from their own plant, every detail and every operation is controlled and strictly monitored to ensure that the finished helmets are of optimum quality.

When you buy a Scorpion helmet, you can be assured that the product you have in your hands is one of the world's best. However, you need to make an effort to maintain it so that your helmet will continue to perform at its peak.

1) Clean the exterior of the helmet with warm water and soap. If the helmet is extremely dirty or if there are dried bugs on it, place a wet towel for a few minutes to soften the dirt. Since the caked dirt would become soft, there is less chance of having scratches.

Never use any solvents or abrasive cleaners; this can ruin the helmet's finish.

2) The helmet has a thin protective coating, which gives it a distinctive shine. With frequent cleaning, however, this coating will eventually rub off. To keep the helmet glossy, apply a coat of plastic polishes such as Plexusor Honda polish. Do not apply the polish unless the helmet's exterior is thoroughly clean.

3) Helmets from ScorpionExo feature removable liners inside. Remove the cheek pads by releasing them from the three button snaps on each one. Be careful though not to tear the pad out. Do the same to the helmet's crownliner. The liners are washable and easy to clean. Just put in a washing machine, and let the device run a cycle. Let the three pieces of lining dry thoroughly before installing them back to the helmet.

4) The exterior of the helmet's face shield is coated with an anti-scratch film. This film can prevent minor scratches. However, it can be damaged if caked dirt, grime, and bugs are not softened and wiped first. Just like the preliminary cleaning of the helmet's exterior, use a wet towel to first soften the dirt. Then wipe the exterior of the face shield with a soft, dry cloth.

As usual, just use mild soap and warm water; solvents and abrasive compounds can severely damage the face plate.

Lastly, the interior of the face shield is treated with Everclear no-fog shield coats. Do not rub as it might cause premature wear and scratching of this coat. Instead, pat the interior with a towel until it is dry.