How To Collect and Buy Ironstone Plates – A Beginner’s Guide

Collecting ironstone plates is a useful investment of both your time and money. And knowing what to look for can turn you from a hobbyist into an expert. Collectability, pricing, markings and history are vital pieces of information before making any ironstone purchase. People have been collecting ironstone since the eighteen hundreds and finding that perfect piece brings with it an enormous sense of accomplishment!

These antique plates were designed by Englishman Charles Mason in 1813 although Mason was not the only ironstone manufacturer. When they became popular so did the Mason name. Mason’s ironstone earthenware was also used to create tiles for household use. It is said that his success was greatly attributed to the way he sold his goods when in 1818 he started auctioning pieces instead of selling door to door or in catalogs like most others.

Today ironstone pieces are highly collectible, particularly in the United States. There are many ways to purchase these antique plates – including online sales. Internet stores carry a large selection of china.

For example, searching online for ironstone plates, antique plates or antique bone china will deliver a vast number of results as part of your necessary research as ironstone can range in pricing from as low as under thirty dollars to a few hundred dollars.

Of course, rarer pieces of ironstone plates sell for much more and researching prices is a wise investment of time before buying any piece so you know you are paying a fair price.

Ironstone china have markings on the bottom of each piece. These can include words stamped such as CJ Mason & Co., M Mason, Fenton Stone Works, or Lane Delph, use markings of crowns or a coat of arms.

Other companies have stamps such as Turner & Tomkinson, J&G Meakin, T & R Boote, Wood & Sons, Wedgewood, Birks Bros. & Seddon, or Spode.

The key to your ironstone china collection is knowledge without it you may be looking at a rare ironstone plate and never know it. Knowledge is the key. Collecting ironstone plates is an enjoyable and important hobby, and soon, you will have a collection that will increase in worth, value and pleasure for all who look at it.